Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheetahs, Batik, Newsletter, Fine Art Studios Online

Cheetahs Rest
Batik/Acrylic on Silk
I have just launched my first email newsletter! I'm very excited to be able to have contact with collectors, friends, family and other artists through a monthly newsletter. If you would like to sign up click here which takes you to the sign-up page on my web site.
I've been distracted by other important family obligations over the past few weeks so am posting
this batik I did in the some time ago. Work continues on "Going Places" and I promise the completed painting will be posted very soon!
If you are considering your own web site please take a few moments to look
You can have a free trial period while you design your site. It's very easy, affordable and you can keep it updated yourself! You can easily customize yours to look exactly as you want. Their support experts are tops, very friendly and helpful. I'm no tech wizard..if I can do it anyone can!
My newsletter is easily implimented as is my email list. It's all automatic. My old web site was beautiful but updating was very costly so it was never very current.