Saturday, May 31, 2008

Pears of a Different Stripe, oil on gessoboard

" Pears of a Different Stripe "
8" x 10 "
Favorite fruit on favorite stripe cloth. I finished this painting last week, one of a series of pear paintings. I learn something new each time painting pears.
If you haven't seen Carol Marine's painting video demo it is well worth the visit: CLICK HERE Be sure to scroll down a ways to find the demo. I loved seeing her brush strokes and I picked up a couple of tips that I've tried on a large still life with tulips, which I will post as soon as it's finished.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Still Life with Little Red Knife, oil on Gessoboard

" Still Life with Little Red Knife "
12" x 12"
This is one of the paintings I just finished for my summer show. I have used this large vintage Homer Laughlin plate many times. I may still do some glazing in the shadow shapes. It's nice to have the luxury of time to consider a work. I have several 24x24 paintings underway based on earlier Daily Paintings. My first go on these pears, there was no knife. It needed a spark, more color and the knife fit nicely. I do love the square format.
Oh, more cherries in the market, too, so I'm excited to continue a series of them. I finished a large painting of bing cherries that I began a couple of years ago. Will post it soon, too.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Line-up, Oil on gessoboard

" The Line Up "
6" x 6"
Four sweet cherries...the first I've seen in our market...$9.99 a pound! I bought 10 to design with and hand-carried them home! The Idaho cherries will be here soon. I used several reds: alizarin, thalo red rose, rose madder, cadmium red light and medium. I couldn't find my cad red deep which I rarely use. However, next time I paint cherries I will tone the gesso board red or maybe ultramarine. It was difficult to get the darks dark enough because the dark reds are transparent, I added ultramarine and that helped. Fun experimenting as always.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Life with Stawberries I, oil on gessoboard

" Still Life with Strawberries I "
I have been working on larger paintings for two summer shows and neglecting my dailies! I miss the good feeling I get from finishing a little 6x6 and writing a post. What I enjoyed most about the strawberries was studying how they are structured..the surface pits, each with a seed...and how to capture that in paint without getting too knit-picky! I used a "wipe-out" tool to lift paint here and there, a very fast way to achieve some detail. I actually painted this in less time, too.

You can enlarge the image by clicking on it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lemons II, oil on gessoboard

" Lemons II "
6" x 6"
I've been working on large paintings this week and have missed painting the little guys. So, today's post was fun to do. It's the second in a series featuring this vintage clear glass plate. I mentioned to my friend, Judy, who is a writer how good it feels to complete a painting a day and how frustrating larger paintings are that can take weeks or months to complete. She equated it to poetry and prose. Poems can be written in a short time, prose can take years. At any rate, I will shoot for 3 dailies a week. I enjoyed seeing the large painting that Frank Gardner completed. It was one of those that was hanging around waiting to be finished. Some unfinished paintings just need to be ignored. I am so excited to start a painting. Half way through I'm often discouraged or wondering "what was I thinking?" But, I have learned it is at just this stage that I must keep going, it takes what it takes, whether layering, scaping, glazing, scumbling, etc. Funny, that it usually doesn't need much more to bring it to a finish. Weird business we are in!