Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mangoes on Glass, Art Tip #16 Glass Palettes II

" Mangoes on Glass "
My 130th Daily Painting, much larger than the usual 6x6 or 6x8 I usually paint. Part of a larger series of objects painted on thick plate glass. I love the blue-greens the edges have, nice simple compliment of the reds.
Below are photos of the glass palettes with gray value scales or gray paper I shared about in my last post. Tomorrow I'll add an image of how my paint looks. Click on each image to enlarge.
Masterson Palette Box

Open Box M Palette (Plein air)

Table-top palette

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Red Mary Janes, Baby Shoes III, Art Tip #15 Glass palettes

" Baby Shoes III Little Red Mary Janes"
Special pricing for all three baby shoe paintings: $600 unframed ($825 framed + Free shipping)
Payment by PayPal or you can purchase directly from my web site: Click here

Number three in the baby shoe series. These are vintage baby shoes that I found on eBay. I love searching for still life props on ebay...treasure hunting at its best. I have found some really good deals because I'm not interested in collector quality, just the intrigue of the objects. For instance I found a Fiestaware teapot for under $10, with cracks and a few chips. I like to search garage sales, too. Last week I found a vintage graniteware teapot and a coffee pot..$3.00 each. They'll eventually show up in one of my still life paintings.

Art tip # 15: For a terrific palette get a piece of heavy glass, a large as you like (mine is around 20x24) and lay a middle value gray paper underneath it( I actually made a large value scale that lies under my palette, you might even just have three values..light, middle and dark. In my Open Box M plein air palette I cut a piece of glass to fit and put middle value gray paper underneath (besure to add a little tape-tab on one edge so you can ift it out to clean now and then. Lastly, I also have a glass palette in each of my Masterson air-tight palette boxes (again, middle value gray paper underneath or value scale). It is hard to judge values when you mix on a white palette.