Friday, September 16, 2011

Strawberries, Buffalo ware bowl, Still Life with Strawberries

" Summer Berries II "



Copyright 2011 J.Bellinger

$425 framed

I love painting patterns in fabrics. This blue and white check dish towel is a favorite. The red white and blue color palette adds to the summer feel of berries in a vintage Buffalo Ware bowl.

As always, I determine my palette and premix my paints. If the mixed colors look good on the palette they will look good in the painting....a plan of action!

Still life with pears

" Still Life with Pears "
                                                           copyright 2011 J. Bellinger

Summer is over around here, fall is in the air which means beautiful pears are in the market. I love painting human-like in their variation of shapes, personality of stems...nuts? Maybe. Here they sit on one of my favorite fabrics from my stash..a Peruvian woven stripe. I have used it many times and love the colors..a bit of everything, pink, blue, red, gold, white, green, black.