Saturday, February 18, 2012

Agave, Cacti, Still Life

" Early Morning Light...Agave "
copyright J.Bellinger 2012
oil 30"x40"

I figured out how to get rid of the underline ...hit Ctrl+U. Whew!
Not that I have much to say this morning. Posting this large painting reminds me that I am not doing a daily painting, haven't for a long time but will continue to post all my paintings as I complete them.
The design plan for this one was for a split complementary color, and like always I premix my oils so when I start painting I paint...much more relaxing than having to decide what to mix as you go along. I gave the light falling on the shale stone a glaze of warm yellow after all was done, to relate the sky really pulled the painting together and gives the whole painting a glow...not sure it shows in the image here.
Hope your day is wonderful! It's a beautiful morning here in Scottsdale.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Desert Botanical Garden IV, Cacti, Saguaro, Scottsdale

" Desert Botanical Garden IV" copyright J.Bellinger 2012



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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Botanical Gardens, cactus

" Early Morning Light " copyright J. Bellinger 2012

I haven't posted since September...can anyone tell me why everything is underlined?

The Celebration of Fine Art show here in Scottsdale is going very well and continues through the end of March. I love being with all the artists, it is very inspiring.
I think you can tell from my desert paintings that I have fallen in love with cactus...I call them garden still lifes. I'm attracted to the groupings with strong light/shadow patterns....a challenge to paint. At home in Idaho I avoid summer scenes...too much of the same green. Here there is an amazing variety of greens to design with.