Thursday, August 5, 2010

Portrait of a cat, Rag Doll cat

" Zoey "


6" x 6"

Copyright J.Bellinger 2010
Private Collection

Here's a little portrait of a Rag Doll cat commissioned by a friend. She is one year old and a very quiet and sweet little thing! She posed perfectly for the camera. I liked this full face view because of her beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't stand the thought of only painting one eye (profile) or partial in a 3/4 view.

Boulder Mountains, Summer View 2010, Plein Air Landscape

" Boulder Mountains, Summer View 2010 "
Oil (palette knife on panel)
Copyright J. Bellinger 2010
Available $650 framed

The third day of our workshop we headed north for a spectacular view of the Boulder Mountains. I like to paint this view in different seasons. You can drive almost to the huge patches of trees on the face of the mountain (which I have done in the fall). They are aspen trees and are often orange, not yellow. Our open sage hills usually have a sprinkling of confir trees and red rock outcroppings. This area of Idaho is a high mountain desert..sage on the south facing slopes, conifers on the north sides. Tall cottonwoods grown along streams and rivers, as do willows and alder.

Griffin Butte, Plein Air Landscape

" Griffin Butte, Summer 2010 "
6" x 8"
Copyright J. Bellinger 2010

Available $625 framed
This is a small panel I painted during a workshop with two students new to plein air. This location is close to town but feels pretty remote and is always beautiful in the morning light. It has everything for a workshop..views, bathroom nearby, picnic tables! While I prefer to go to more rugged places, I like to start new students here where they can feel comfortable and not overwhelmed. We spent two mornings at this location.