Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hay Bales: Barley Fields II, Idaho Landscapes in oil

" Barley Fields: Hay Bales I "
Copyright 2010 J. Bellinger
11"x 14"
A plein air painting from last fall. I usually paint smaller panels outdoors, 6x8 or 8x10, but I felt brave that day. The larger size made me work faster, which is a goal of mine. Less dawdling, more decisive brushwork, palette knife, too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cherry Jumble II, Art Tip #23

" Cherry Jumble II "Copyright 2009 J. Bellinger
I kept forgetting to post this little painting completed last summer. It is one of the series, including the baby shoes, that I did with the objects laying on plate glass with black paper underneath. I love the design possibilities with the reflections.

Art Tip #23: When setting up/arranging a still life take your time. Play with many different arrangements. You are in total control of the composition. Composition first, then value and then color.
Walk around your home looking for objects to paint. See what inspires you. Tell a story with those objects you choose. Get the lighting right..take time seeing how the light falls on the set up objects. Look through a view finder to crop out background. I use a box with two sides and a top to isolate my set up and light from other areas of the room. I can line it with fabric, paper, etc. Look at how different colored backgrounds reflect on the objects (use a small cardboard with hole punched in it. I call this a color isolator. It allows you to "see" actual colors which are influenced by direct light, reflected light/color from other objects, background, etc.
Painting from life will improve your skills and develop your eye.