Friday, January 28, 2011

Green apple in glass bowl, lemons, Celebration of Fine ARt

" Three to One "
Copyright 2011 J.Bellinger

Next in the red striped cloth series..I found this vintage green cup at our local thrift the color, very retro. I usually shy away from apples that are red and green but wanted both colors and only one apple. Doing over 100 hundred daily paintings help me speed and make decisions quickly..this painting took me most of one day and then some glazing and scumbling the next day. I love that feeling of accomplishment small paintings give you.

Just Peachy, Peaches, still life with fruit

"That's Just Peachy"
Copyright 2011 J. Bellinger

I forgot to post this painting earlier in January. The blue tablecloth I have had for 25 years and has finally made it into my still life stash of fabrics. I went shopping for new fabrics to inspire more in the white plate/fruit series. Stay tuned.
Art tip # 25:
People are so intrigued by the fuzziness of the peaches but we painters know it is just a matter of mixing that really grayed color..same for plums. Mix what you see and it will read correctly..isolate the color with a small 2x3 cardboard with a hole punched in the middle. Hold it over the area you want to identify the color..give that color you see a name. More than likely you will be hesitant to name it because it is so neutral. Ask yourself "is it yellowish or blueish?" I find that is more helpful than "warmer or cooler" (I got that tip from watching Daniel Greene's dvd on color mixing..excellent dvd by the way.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Still Life with Green Apple"
Copyright 2011

A new painting finished yesterday. I am painting faster here in my studio at Celebration of Fine distractions, focus, focus, focus.
I enjoyed depicting the vintage glass bowl and of course I love painting lemons!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Love Those Lemons, Still Life Lemons, Celebration of Fine Art 2011

" Love Those Lemons"
Oil on Canvas
Copyright 2011
I am one of the new artists at Celebration of Fine Art 2011....a 10 week show here in Scottsdale, AZ. One hundred fine artists set up a studio and exhibit for 10 weeks. The show is amazing, diverse and in its 21 year...nothing quite like it that I know of. I am loving the interaction between patrons, artists, and show staff. Can't believe how much work I have been getting done! "Love Those Lemons" is the newest of my large canvas'. I hope to get time to shop for some new fabrics while I'm here and also take photos at the botanical gardens..the cactus are amazing and I can't wait to create some paintings of them.