Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bing-A-Ling, oil on gessoboard

" Bing-A-Ling "
I really like how this little painting came out. I wanted a very simple set-up, no fabric like I usually do. The surface the cherries are on is corrogated cardboard, with red paper lining the right wall and green on the back wall to reflect color. I hope to post at least three little guys over the next week.
Thanks for looking today!
$425 framed
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

" My Favorate Things "
Finally had time yesterday to finish this little self-portrait through still life. I really enjoyed doing this painting. It triggered many memories as I painted each object given to me by my loved ones. Painting the black and white photo gave me fits because of its angle and slight curved. I don't have many tiny brushes and finally gave myself permission to say "good enough", more of an impression than accurate. The painting is mine, not to be in an exhibit or at least not for sale. I will try another in the near future. The process was fun. I have thought many times of taking time to do a self-portrait but never get around to it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Self-Portrait with favorite things

Betty's painting completed! I love this. Please click on it so you can see the subtle details in her smaller elements. A terrific self-portrait through still life.
Betty's painting in progress

Betty selected objects that have special meaning for her. Her son's favorite toy, husband's gardening glove, etc. I will try to post her finished painting soon. There is a photo of her, as a teenager, with surfboard off to the left, too.

So far..I will post the finished painting tomorrow night.

Sorry these are in reverse order.

Sketch on gessoed board

Thumb-nail sketch

Self-Portrait Still Life...the set-up

This is what I worked on today. I have had a private student this week in my studio. Betty is the high school art teacher here and she wanted to learn more about still life painting for her advanced students. We thought it would be fun to incorporate meaningfull objects that tell something about the artist. Betty began her self portrait yesterday and with her permission I will post her finished painting tomorrow. Today I set up my own objects. It was fun to go around the house and see what caught my eye. I chose the black and white photo of was taken when I was 42 for art marketing purposes, so it marks that time in my career. I am wearing a "treasure necklace" I made of charms from family and friends. The Beanie Bear was a gift from my son when he was 7. The Talavera pottery vase a gift from my Mom..the little leaded glass box with shells a gift from my husband and the birding book for my love of birdwatching... a little ceramic Pug Dog for our dog Jack..and a few tubes of paint and brushes to round out the composition.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

"The Girl with the Watering Can"
34" x 34"

Day 5 & 6

More progress, mostly on the fabric adding more detail, softening colors/edges, glazing. Detail of pattern added to Singapore Bird china and I scumbled some grayed green over the background on the left. I'm still not happy with the background colors yet, easy enough to change when the right color hits me. I did lay a sheet of acetate over the painting last night and painted on that to try some different colors. Tomorrow I will work at getting the tea pot and the vase more to a finish. It is at this stage that I want to put it aside and start something new! No no no...I really need to focus and finish this. Hopefully, posting the progression here on my blog will keep me on task.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Progress after day 3
As I was setting up this still life I needed to find something to put in the forground to calm all the caos going on, something plain and thought a book might fill the bill. I found this very old art book of Childrens' Portraits from the National Gallery in my art book collection...loved copying Renoir's Girl with the Watering Can.

Today, Day 4
I was hoping to get more done, but phone calls, errands, etc. seemed to seep in and eat up the day. Tomorrow I'll get a very early start, no interruptions.........already I'm thinking I'll need to rethink the background colors. The lemons are molding!

I want to thank Elizabeth Floyd for writing about my art on her blog. Once a week she is highlighting the work of an artist who has influenced her own work in some way.

Through my art blog I have met so many wonderful artists who enjoy sharing their work with others. Thank you one and all!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Protrait of the Artist!
Photo by Jake Provonsha
My friends Jake and Patti came by the studio on Sunday. He had a new camera and started taking pictures of this painting on my easel. I was trying to be funny by sticking my head in. Then we decided it really tells the whole story and we took a few more. I'm pretty camera shy so this was my cup of tea! Get it? As my little "Daily Paintings" aren't coming off the easel on a regular basis lately, I'll post a few more of this painting in process. That's my premixed palette and I use Liquin for the medium. As you can see, the tulips in the set-up are spent, but I took a photo of the set-up and use that for reference. There is a light to the left of the set-up and I let some filtered day light fall on the set-up as well. This is day two of actual painting (I start with a toned canvas, yellow oxide acrylic)
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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cherry Jumble, bing cherries, vintage glass

" Bing Cherry Jumble "
Oil on Canvas
25" x 32"

I loved this design from the inception but it took me over two years of having it sit around in a nearly finished state before I took the time to complete it. I usually have many paintings going is various stages. Unless it is a commission with a deadline or a show I tend to let them sit around awhile...I seem to bring a painting to a certain point then get excited to begin new work. Need I say it is easier to start a painting then finish one? Me, the great procrastinator! When I get down to business I always find it doesn't take much to complete it. I am more accepting now then ever that this is my process. I love the antique glass dish in this painting, it was my grandmother's...maybe that is why I'm reluctant to call this done. I would have to finish it, then frame and exhibit it and that means it might sell and it would no longer be in my life. I usually don't become too attatched to my paintings once they are done and I can send them out into the world.
Available $5,200
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PS Yes, these cherries were brilliant red, unusual for Bings..couldn't resist them. I apologize for the image quality, some glare on the upper left. The table top is very dark green, almost black. While I have a good set up for photographing the little oils I have my large work professionally done which means waiting til I have about 8 or so paintings completed to make the session reasonable.