Friday, March 13, 2009

Toulouse Geese, Chinese Geese, Tag

"Going Places"
I have to laugh at myself...posting a painting in progress sets me up for failure as far as a time table! Here it is July 8..four months after beginning the posts on this painting! Guess my proclivity for procrastination over rides any pressure! Actually, the real pressure isn't my art blog, though maybe it should be. Having a show that opens Friday July 10th is what kick's my rear into gear!
" Going Places "
Oil on Linen
Day 5
The last goose is roughed in and tomorrow I can begin to pull it all together. I always think this won't take long...I've learned that it takes what it takes. Must paint faster!

I've been tagged by Nancy Elstad an oil painter from Texas. Tagged artists must reveal 5 things about themselves, then tag 5 other artists. It's a fun way to see what other art bloggers are doing. So here goes.
1. I'm a bird watcher (we've had two Red Breasted Nuthatches at the feeder for an entire year! Love these little guys. Three female/one male Red Crossbills last week!
2. I love peanut butter and dill pickle together. OK, what's so weird about that? What's weird is using mustard instead of mayo in tuna..yuck!
3. I'm hooked on Sudoku puzzles, it's the abstract reasoning thing, cute little squares that need filling in
4. I married my ski instructor 36 years ago, he's still teaching and I'm still learning (how to live with someone who loves longgggggg, coldddddd winters!
5. Paul Gauguin is my favorite painter, then Eduard Manet and I recently found George Tooker and then there is Lucien Freud...shocking yet wonderful

That's it.

Now here are five more wonderful artists you can visit:
Mark Hanson Check out Mark's new workshop schedule. Wish I lived closer to take one! He's posting images of a frame he's made from scratch and guilding it, too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going Places Day 4, Leonard Wolfe

" Going Places "
Day 4
Not much time for painting today. One more goose left to block in. My paints have dried somewhat so remixed fresh colors that I needed today. I hope to get the last goose roughed in and begin the grass areas tomorrow, refine the shadows falling on the geese. Right now I want the grey goose on the left to be the center of interest. However, I won't know for certain until I have the last goose painted. It may need to be one of the white ones because of the high contrast.
No tips today. How about a favorite quote?
I've mentioned it before but I can never say it to myself often enough!
Cure for procrastination:
"You can't edit a blank page" Leonard Wolfe
Oh, and I did come across a post-it note that I have in my easel area:"
" Paint Faster!!! "