Saturday, December 22, 2007

" Tea Time "
6" x 6"
A little old Fiesta ware teapot. To get the feeling of transparency of the tea I painted all the shapes I saw a bit lighter in value. When dry I then applied a glaze of ultramarine and alizarin until I got the illusion I was after. You paint the shapes of value/color that you see, the illusion will follow. Value first, color second! The value of bright color is tricky as it sometimes seems lighter in value than it is. Like reds, an intense red is quite dark in value. Try squinting at an American flag to see the correct values of the red and blue.


kim shields said...

You have such a wonderful sense of design. I love the patterns you use in your paintings. By the way you have been tagged! If need be refer to my blog for the rules.

Jason Waskey said...

Great job on the tea in particular-- it feels transparent!