Wednesday, January 30, 2008

" Talavera Jar & Lemon "
6" x 6"
I've been busy the past 3 days getting images ready to enter a juried show, shoveling tons of snow...we've had over 4' since no time to paint. However, I am always painting in my head and I like having that kind of freedom to think and plan.
This little Talavera jar is one of my favorite possessions. My mom brought it back from Mexico years ago.
The design idea here was the open pot with the lid repeating the circular shape. The shadow and light shapes of the table top create interesting negative shapes.


Dean H. said...

Hi....I really like the compositional design and color choices...good luck on the juried show.


Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Dean,
Looking at it today I see that I might have had the top of the jar a bit lower so that edge wasn't in direct line with the top of the lemon.....guess these things are what keeps one painting, we never get it right!