Monday, February 18, 2008

" Bartlett Pear "
6" x 6"
We are so busy in February with out of town company but today I was back in the studio. With this daily painting challenge, it really bothers me when I can't paint and miss a post. Life is what happens while we are making plans!
Keeping the pattern of stripes loose was a challenge. Also, the stripes were reflected in the plate, which I dutifully painted as that is what I saw. But that was too busy so I eliminated them, leaving just a suggestion of the reflection on the plate.


christine said...

the stripes on the fabric are fabulous! i feel you made the right choice to soften them on the plate. i've been stopping by your blog from time to time. i'm really enjoying these new paintings with the striped fabrics. great colors.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Christine,
Stripes make very good props, you can arrange them to lead the eye, beside, they are fun to paint. I appreciate you stopping by my blog. I'll go visit yours now!