Thursday, February 28, 2008

" Lemons in Singapore Bird Bowl "
6" x 6"

It was nice to paint a simple background after the checks and stripes of earlier paintings this week. But, just had to have some pattern so here is a bowl from my favorite dishes.



Mary Sheehan Winn said...

You have a way with 'memmons" as my grandson calls them.
Also you use the shadow patterns in the cloth so well.
And the design around the rim of the dish is fabulously painted.

christine mercer-vernon said...

if there is one subject you paint very well Jennifer, it's lemons and this painting is no disappointment! a beautiful simple composition, the elegant dish makes it quite outstanding. all those cool blues, then these bright juicy lemons! quite wonderful!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

I do love lemons...guess I could specialize, but I don't want to miss out on painting other things I'm attracted to either. I think what draws me to still life is the arranging of things to my liking. I do plein air landscapes but I'm not as good at changing what is before me. Maybe this spring I will go out and do "daily paintings" to help with that shortcoming.

Jack Riddle said...

Jennifer--This is a wonderful piece. I like the way you draw me into the composition with that spot of light at 4 o'clock on the plate. Lemons are beautifully executed.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Jack.
When I am setting up the lighting I look for where the lightest light/darkest darks are in relation to the rest of the design.

Frank Gardner said...

Love it. I always say that I love you lemon paintings Jennifer, I know.
No, don't "specialize" that would make it so predictable.
The color of that bowl goes so well in this painting too.