Monday, March 17, 2008

" Little Bialetti Espresso Pot & Lemons "
I borrowed this little vintage stove top espresso maker from my friend, Patti, to see if I wanted to buy one. It's a 6 cup, so easy to use and makes great coffee. Too good...I will need to get a 2 cup one so I'm not tempted to drink so much. So retro looking sitting on my stove!
As for the painting of the pot I immediately knew the black striped dish towel was a must, the reflection of the stripes on the coffee maker very cool. Then I felt the green and pink added a nice retro touch and lastly, the lemons for a punch of color. I hope you like it. It was fun to paint the dull cast aluminum and subtle reflections.


christine mercer-vernon said...

the colors are indeed retro, and so perfect! the striped tea towel was the perfect addition, i really like this one!!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Christine,
When I look at it today I see that it is a very active composition with diagonal, vertical and horizontal lines going on. Kind of like the buzz you get from too much caffine! Even the lemons create their own diagonal line...not sure I really planned all of this. If anything gives pause for the eye to rest I guess it would be the soft diffused reflection of stripes on the pot.

Frank Gardner said...

It is pretty active like the caffine. Good description.
Love the deco colors, and the towel, all of it.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Frank,

I'm a sucker for patterns and stripes. Zebras are my favorite large animal to paint...if I painted horses it would have to be Appaloosas or Paints!

With the little daily oils I have been working to improve my drapery painting skills so am using lots of different fabrics in the still life set-ups.