Wednesday, March 5, 2008

" Stacked "
6" x 6"
Vintage Harlequin cups, colorful and stacked up.
I had this set up with a black background and painted it that way, couldn't stand the result and considered tossing it. Then I thought, Jennifer, don't be a the mental work to see what it will take to make the painting work. So, I did and scraped off everything but the cups, rethought the color scheme and I'm now pleased with the results. I actually enjoyed scraping the paint off.


Katie May said...

Once again I love it! I just adore the colors you use. Each painting seems to smile....I wish you did workshops on the east coast! I would love some lessons!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Katie May,
One of, if not, the best books that taught me about color and color mixing is "How to See Color and Mix It" by Arthur Stern. It has wonderful exercises that teach "seeing", trusting your eyes, using a limited palette. It's out of print but your library might have it. Used ones are expensive, $75 and up on eBay or Amazon. Well worth the price however. I do teach workshops here in Idaho. Come on out!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Whoops, Katie May,
The correct title of the book is "How to See Color and Paint It" by Arthur Stern

christine mercer-vernon said...

hi jennifer, I was trying to envision this with the black background, and with the color of the cups i can see why you would have set it up that way. but, i really think you made a great choice going a different direction. the pale, playful colors of the new background really enhance the playfulness of the cups and their arrangement. very charming painting! gotta love it when it works out in the end!!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Christine,
I find in painting that is is never just a process of adding paint, that scraping back, rubbing, smearing, etc. can be a legit are actually leaving something of what you added, I never try to remove it all and it adds up to some very wonderful and often not planned for paintings. In this painting of the cups bits of the dark background were left near the edges of the cups/saucers.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love it and you made me laugh with the internal voice pep talk that we all have to give ourselves from time to time. I am always so glad when I stick with something and it works out.