Friday, April 25, 2008

Honey Tangerines, oil on gessoboard

" Honey Tangerines "
6" x 6"
I really enjoyed painting these tangerines. The skins were very smooth not rough like an orange, and they were quite shiney. I wanted something very colorful, so decided on a high key color scheme. Tomorrow I will paint them again on a stripe fabric. I like repeating a subject to see if I can work out the problems I had the first go. The tangerines have dull green mottling which gave me fits. As usual, a simple arrangement is often more difficult to paint than a more complex one.


Terry Rafferty said...

The colors here are just luscious!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I agree. The violet tones are super.
I love it.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

I enjoy mixing light, grayed hues. I just love mixing color period! The struggle for me as a painter is seeing the color, then mixing what your eye sees. It often looks right on the palette but the telling is how it relates to the other colors on the painting, and of course the value of the color is more important than getting the color dead on. I use a middle gray toned palette to mix on..a great advantage over white paper palettes. I like having two hands to work with, so a hand held wooden palette never appealed to me.