Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Limes

" Limes III "
6" x 6"
I was out of town for 4 days, Mom's Weekend at my son's college. We had a great time. He has wonderful friends, but then he's a wonderful young man! Went to see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Lots of male nudity...payback time all you guys out there! There was an older man sitting behind my son and whenever there was a nude scene he'd say outloud "that's not necessary!"
Now, about my painting: I wanted an Italian feeling to this painting and so used the colors of the Italian flag. I like the results, the clear plate with bright highlights add sparkle and my favorite tea towel. The stripes on this towel are so perfect for arranging folds, wide stripe and little narrow ones.


E. Floyd said...

love it!

Terry Rafferty said...

Lovely painting again - and I don't think I ever commented on the salt & pepper painting, that was really great! Thanks for the skinny on the Sarah Marshall movie - there're a couple of guys I know who really should get sent to see it! :-)

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Elizabeth and Terry,
I think the clear plate carried this painting. The limes weren't the prettiest, most colorful. Need to cut some in two and paint the juicy insides!

Katie May said...

I love this one!!!!It looks so real!!

Katies daughter(Claire)