Tuesday, April 1, 2008

" Pink Rose in Old Mason Jar "
6" x 6"
Painting # 91! I can't believe it. While I haven't met my goal of one a day, this is huge for me...it feels great. Now, about the rose. Roses are not easy for me to paint..and I see that on the next one I will try a different attack. I think maybe what made this one difficult is the light pink. Next time I will try a rose that has less contrast, say a deep red. I loved painting the jar. I have a collection of these Ball Mason jars that I use for canisters lined up on an open shelf in my kitchen.
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christine mercer-vernon said...

kudos to you for even attempting this one. i think pink flowers are the hardest to paint. i painted a pale pink peony once (in watercolors), wanted to throw it out the window so many times. this turned out really nice, i like that you kept the background colors soft as well, and the blues of the mason jar compliment the rose well.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Christine,
I hear you! I did wipe off the paint once, then began again with a midtone pink, adding the lights and then the darks again and again blending after each layer. What worked better was to then let that dry some overnight so I could then continues adding bits and blending without picking up all the soft undercolor. The small size format didn't help things. And no other elements to distract from the solo rose. And I did consider tossing it several times!