Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Line-up, Oil on gessoboard

" The Line Up "
6" x 6"
Four sweet cherries...the first I've seen in our market...$9.99 a pound! I bought 10 to design with and hand-carried them home! The Idaho cherries will be here soon. I used several reds: alizarin, thalo red rose, rose madder, cadmium red light and medium. I couldn't find my cad red deep which I rarely use. However, next time I paint cherries I will tone the gesso board red or maybe ultramarine. It was difficult to get the darks dark enough because the dark reds are transparent, I added ultramarine and that helped. Fun experimenting as always.
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Katie May said...

You are busy! I can't wait for the Farmer's Markets to open! Plenty of subject matter then!
Thanks for the advice Jennifer!
I will check out that book....I have been frustrated with my camera...I should upgrade at some point! Not sure if I will be aiming for any serious shows, but I feel like maybe I could get my feet wet this summer...And then see where I can go after more practice!
Again thanks for the advice :-)

Anonymous said...


I have been looking at your delightful, happy paintings for a bit - thought I should say, Thank You!

Thank You!!!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Happy art, that's me..no political or worldly comments here...just design and color! Thanks for watching my blog.

Frank Gardner said...

You'll make your money back for those cherries.
How much does ten cherries weigh anyway?
Really nice job with the reds. Amazing how you used so many different hues and it still looks harmonious. I don't think I even have that many reds.
Good line up.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Frank. The 10 cherries were $1.90. I kept trying different reds hoping to get a more opaque dark. Then I remembered to lay on the paint with a sable not bristle and that helped, too. Anyway, your note reminds me of your challenge to blindly pick tubes of paint and see what can be done with the selection. As for reds, I usually only use 2, aliz. and cad red light. Oh, and for flowers thalo red rose and grumbacher red.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Jennifer... I got this advice from another wonderful painter when I was painting strawberries in syrup - Perylene Red - it's amazing and did the trick. More opaque than Rose or Alizarin, but not solid like the Cads. Love your cherries - I could look at more cherries from you!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks for the tip on reds Kelly. I will try Perylene. Usually I would go back the next day or so (I use Liquin so the paint is dry enough to glaze) and glaze areas I want more glowing or deeper in value..just trying to start/finish the dailies wet n wet.

christine mercer-vernon said...

cherries are my favorite fruit, i eat bags of them late summer when they ripen here, we can get them for just a few dollars a bag. this painting makes me soooo hungry for them! it's a nice change up to see you using so many red's lately, i love how you handle the subtle shifts in color in the skins. delicious. are you going to post any of the larger paintings you are working on for your show?

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Christine,
I'm glad you like the cherries. There's something about cherries: shiney, red, delicious, plump little butt shapes , references to life..etc. Who can resist?