Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cherry Jumble, bing cherries, vintage glass

" Bing Cherry Jumble "
Oil on Canvas
25" x 32"

I loved this design from the inception but it took me over two years of having it sit around in a nearly finished state before I took the time to complete it. I usually have many paintings going is various stages. Unless it is a commission with a deadline or a show I tend to let them sit around awhile...I seem to bring a painting to a certain point then get excited to begin new work. Need I say it is easier to start a painting then finish one? Me, the great procrastinator! When I get down to business I always find it doesn't take much to complete it. I am more accepting now then ever that this is my process. I love the antique glass dish in this painting, it was my grandmother's...maybe that is why I'm reluctant to call this done. I would have to finish it, then frame and exhibit it and that means it might sell and it would no longer be in my life. I usually don't become too attatched to my paintings once they are done and I can send them out into the world.
Available $5,200
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PS Yes, these cherries were brilliant red, unusual for Bings..couldn't resist them. I apologize for the image quality, some glare on the upper left. The table top is very dark green, almost black. While I have a good set up for photographing the little oils I have my large work professionally done which means waiting til I have about 8 or so paintings completed to make the session reasonable.


E. Floyd said...

Wonderful painting! The order and choas of the composition is really captivating! I understand the bittersweet reward of selling a painting when it has a special emotional meaning. Good luck with your upcoming show.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I am enjoying the pressure of the deadlines!

christine mercer-vernon said...

i already told you i love this painting but wanted to comment properly...

this composition is wonderful, not only is the contrast between the table and fabric engaging but the way you have positioned the dish and cropped it is really keeps your eye on those cherries. so here's a funny question, how long did you spend arranging those cherries? they perfect.

btw, your batik work is stunning...i am in awe that you could create such beautiful paintings with batik, you are truly a very talented person.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Christine. I'm so glad you like this painting. It is strong and not for everyone. It probably took a while to arrange, but I consider that play time. I love arranging and rearranging. I had the idea in my head then just keep pushing things around until I see what I want. Oh, big help..I use a view finder to crop the set-up with, but in this case I believe I just looked through the camera, then made final crops on the actual photo. I was after mostly a black and white composition. I think one thing that saves the "nearly cut in half" design is the curve of fabric on the right, the dark lower right corner and the dish going off the top edge.

Karen said...

I found your site via the Painters Keys newsletter. I have to admire any one who can attempt to do a painting a day! I really am moved by this painting, wish I were not of the struggling artist clan and thus could afford to buy one of your works! Thank you for letting me pause for a time or two in the beauty of your works!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Karen.
I just finished a show and was pleasantly surprised how well received this painting was by artists and non-artists alike. I think of it as a black & white painting because of the strong dark/light contrasts. It is one of my favorite paintings, too. Thanks for visiting my blog and good luck with your own work!