Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Raspberry Delight", berries in Buffalo China bowl

" Rasberry Delight "
6" x 6
It was a delight and a challenge to paint these raspberries. A new subject for me. I want to do a single blow up of one so that I can really get in the detail of the translucence, like painting a grape. That translucence is a warm orange-red about a value 7. So much information to interpret. After the single large detailed study I would then venture to try a more abstract approach.


Jan Tindall said...

My dad raised red raspberries in Ohio and your painting captures the fragilness, slightly soft texture as well as the beautiful color of the berries. Now, all they need is a little cream! This is the first of your pictures I am seeing. I am hoping I will be inspired to get back to my art and try a drawing or WC a day!
Thanks so much for this connection!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Jan. I hope you get back to your art, soon, too. Glad the berries brought back some good memories for you.

ginnyntex said...

I love your work! You didn't publish for awhile, and I missed it! Welcome back.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Ginny.
One show down, one to go. Then, I will be posting on a more regular basis. I am giving several plein air workshops so maybe I will have a few little landscapes to post, too.

Marsha Robinett said...

This is beautiful, just beautiful. The raspberries look good enough to eat...brings back summer childhood memories. Very nice work.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Marsha. I think a study of a raspberry done with pencil/carbon..purely a study in values would teach me much. A raspberry is translucent, but unlike a grape it has all those tiny orbs (don't know what they are called, maybe seedpod?)each like a grape transmitting light that you must capture or at least the illusion.

christine mercer-vernon said...

beautiful!! not to disappoint, your waffle texture in the towel is perfect, but those raspberries look fabulous! raspberries are a tough fruit to paint, kudos to you for really capturing their color and translucence. yummy!!

also wanted to let you know i left a little something for you over on my blog. :)