Monday, September 29, 2008

Early Morning Light, Adams Gulch

"Early Morning Light"
Here's a small plein air study from last summer. I went out today and did two fall color studies, the trees are incredible right now. Way more orange and red then we normally see. I need to let the studies rest a day and take a fresh look tomorrow before I post them. Like most artists, I'm pretty hard on myself. I usually don't like what I do plein air while I'm there working and completing the painting. I love being outdoors painting, but I feel overwhelmed with the beauty I see around me. Back in the studio indoor lighting usually reveals a pretty good painting...usually, not always. Need the duds to keep me going back. Which I need to do more often. Maybe make a commitment to so many panels done outdoors? Could only help.
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Christine Mercer-Vernon said...

i am always taken by your use of's not one of my favorite colors and i really shy from using it a lot myself, so it impresses on me how well it can be used, by the right artist. i like this a lot, really full of light, and i like the simplicity of the blocked in shapes, i'm not overwhelmed with detail but have a great sense of the scene.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Christine, for your thoughtful comments. The image on my blog, at least on my monitor, is a bit blue in the darks. The two blues I use are thalo and ultramarine, sometimes permanent blue. When I paint, whether indoors or out, direct from life, I try to be true to the colors that I see. Color perception is individual and I like the results I get from careful observation. When I try to "get creative" and tweak the colors from what I see, then I often end up with a discordant mess. In other words, I do best when I trust my eyes! I do best when I mix my colors from a limited palette. I do have a few colors, like ochre that I will add for fall colors or cad. green for spring greens or a few extra reds for flowers or cherries!

E. Floyd said...

Hi, I like the overall cool palette of this painting. I can feel the shade and perhaps a cool breeze?

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. Yes, a very cool morning before the hot sun comes over the mountain. I enjoy the long shadows of early morning.

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Jennifer- Thanks so much for sending me your kind comments. Lovely painting here. I agree with the others-- The colors speak to me of the cool light of morning. I know what you mean about a limited palette. It's very instructive and a great way to bring about color harmony in a painting.

About your commitment to do so many plein airs panels....I will if you will ;-) Until it gets too cold, that is. I'm such a cold weather wimp!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Jennifer. While I would like to commit to more plein air work right now it isn't possible to do so. I have studio work calling and need to focus on the still life daily paintings in between larger commission work. I use plein air when I need a day off from the is like a play day..all that fresh air and blue sky..gotta soak it up because winter will be here before you know it.

Frank Gardner said...

I enjoy seeing these plein air paintings by you Jennifer.
I agree with the others. Great color in this one.
I feel the same way sometimes. I can get real frustrated with a piece while I am out painting. But if I let it sit for a few days I can see with a fresh eye and find good things.
Hope you post more of these.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Frank. I do have three more to post, just been doing other things. I miss the discipline of my daily still lifes...need to get them going again.