Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Apples on Cobalt Blue, Art Tip #22 Wiping or scraping or scratching paint off

"Apples on Cobalt Blue "
Here is a little study I did while my students were busy painting. I like to be busy otherwise I end up talking too much. They need to focus. The napkin I arranged the apples on was a fabric that is wrinkle-proof so I ended up exaggerating the folds to create more contrast. I loved mixing the lighter cobalt blue paint, nearly straight out of the tube.
Art Tip # 21 As I feel I am nearing the finish of a painting, I often find I am scraping off, scratching off, rubbing off paint as much as I am adding. Anything goes to get the effect I'm after...not that I always know what that is, it somethimes just happens. I get there quicker when I trust in the process. I have also learned that on those days that I end up wiping out everything I added during that session, it still leaves bits that add to the whole in the end. Does that make sense?

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ginnyntex said...

Yes, it's sort of like the ghost of what you painted.