Monday, July 12, 2010

Hay Bales I, Outdoor Still Life, Art Tip #23

Hay Bales


12" x 12"


Hay Bales I is the second in a series that I began last fall. The painting "Barley Fields" in the previous post was the first and I will be posting the third in a few days. I've been "off my blog" for a few months and have missed the interaction. We were doing a remodel on our bath, gutted it, so it took way more than the 3 weeks I had in my mind. Just finished up a three day art festival here in Sun Valley, which was very successful even with the thunder storms on Saturday...I got drenched but my paintings stayed dry!

Allison Stanfield is having a great sale on her audio tapes, soon to be discontinued. You might want to check them out and see if there are some you want to add to your art marketing library. I find listening to tapes over and over helpful. I only retain so much from one listening and will generally learn more with each. Plus, I enjoy loaning out my tapes and art books to students and artist friends.

Art tip # 23 Keep a record of what books, videos, tapes, etc. you loan out (date of loan, return date, name and telephone of loan-ee). I currently have one book to track down. I was mentoring a high school senior project two years ago and loaned a book...didn't record it and just recently went to read the book..not there! Now to remember the students name, etc. ..practice what I preach!


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Jennifer, it's nice to see you back. Why do we think any project involving home makeover is going to go as planned?
Anyway. This is a nice painting and as I scroll down I see cherries which I am painting today. Finishing actually, I started them last night and may put up a step by step before the actual finish.
It's been hot and humid here and I am inside with A/C blasting and fans spinning :D
Any striped tea towels in the works? ;)

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Mary. I will pop over and check out your blog. I love it when artists post the progression of a painting. No striped towels at the moment but they call to me!