Thursday, August 5, 2010

Portrait of a cat, Rag Doll cat

" Zoey "


6" x 6"

Copyright J.Bellinger 2010
Private Collection

Here's a little portrait of a Rag Doll cat commissioned by a friend. She is one year old and a very quiet and sweet little thing! She posed perfectly for the camera. I liked this full face view because of her beautiful blue eyes. I couldn't stand the thought of only painting one eye (profile) or partial in a 3/4 view.


PaperPencilArt said...

she looks like she wanted to pose.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

You are right, she did want to pose! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Brenda Miller said...

I just lost my cat of 16 years and this lovely cat makes me happy! I LOVE It and miss my kitty. Thanks for sharing. Brenda
P.S. I love your work!!!!