Saturday, February 11, 2012

Botanical Gardens, cactus

" Early Morning Light " copyright J. Bellinger 2012

I haven't posted since September...can anyone tell me why everything is underlined?

The Celebration of Fine Art show here in Scottsdale is going very well and continues through the end of March. I love being with all the artists, it is very inspiring.
I think you can tell from my desert paintings that I have fallen in love with cactus...I call them garden still lifes. I'm attracted to the groupings with strong light/shadow patterns....a challenge to paint. At home in Idaho I avoid summer scenes...too much of the same green. Here there is an amazing variety of greens to design with.


Barbara Rudolph Fine Art said...

This painting is so beautiful!
I want to see it in person today.

Virginia Floyd said...

So beautiful! I always love the wonderful color in your paintings.

About the underling, I can hazard a guess. Go to your post and find the "edit" button. When that window opens, look at the top for an icon bar. There should be a U that is underlined. Click on that and see if it undoes the underlining. You may have clicked on it when you were posting, which would make everything underlined. If that isn't the cause, I don't know anything else to do. Good luck!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Barb. See you and your beautiful paintings today, too!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Virginia..I did check but no underline icon on bar. Who know's?