Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dill Pickles, D is for Dill Pickle, ABC mini challenge

" Just Dilly"
oil 6"x8"
ABC Mini Challenge II
copyright 2012 J.Bellinger

D is for Dill Pickle. My favorite brand. I used to make cold pack pickles but it is hard where I live to get fresh cucumbers and dill. Plus, the last few batches I made, something went wrong...several quarts ended up spoiling, as if the vinegar or something had changed. Did everything the way I always had...oh, well. These fill the bill nicely...crisp and garlicky!
I will post 2 a day until I am caught up. The entire set of 26 "letters" will be available soon. 


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Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Angela, for all the kind comments. I must admit I have not been posting...need to catch up!