Sunday, February 24, 2008

" Apples & Lemons "
6" x 8"
The angle of the light on the apple gave me fits...more back lit and it was hard to read the values. Guess I learned what not to do the next time, although I like the results. This angle was needed to get the cast shadows from the colander that I love to paint. Trade offs!
I will post this on eBay auction tomorrow...good night!
Available Framed: $550 Email me
The reason for such a late post...we were at a meat loaf cook-off. My husband and another guy have been bantering for a year about who makes the best meat loaf. The results were terrific (one had a red sauce the other mushroom sauce) and of course after a careful tally of the ballots it was a tie. Both were so different. Next year it will be a chili cook off.


christine mercer-vernon said...

hi jennifer, i think the apple turned out well, i like that it's softer and not the first thing that my eye goes to, the colander is the real star here, and KUDOS to you for painting it. maybe i'm lazy but i would not want to attempt all those holes and shadows.i see you use this colander a lot in your still lifes and always do such a wonderful job capturing it's charm.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Christine,
When I encounter detail my first instinct is to run the other way. Then I settle down and consider how best to approach it. Usually, like the colander I paint what I see, then adjust through wiping off, scratching/lifting off paint (I love the tool "Incredible Wipe Off tool). I find Color Shapers too soft. It's easy to forget all the little back and forths that go into a painting...I get to a half way point and ALWAYS get that feeling that "this is going no where". Then I gently remind myself to keep going. Usually, it means I'm almost done, it doesn't take much more to finish. Painting is a never ending process, so mental.

Jason Waskey said...

The work you've done so far this month has been top notch, Jennifer, not to mention inspirational.

I'll most likely have to try and poach a couple of your still life arrangements... ;)

christine mercer-vernon said...

I LOVE the Incredible Wipe Off tool too! And thank you for the words of wisdom, I will go forth now and challenge myself to an intimidating subject. Painting is very mental, if i get too in my head, the painting is doomed, you're right, you just have to push through it sometimes to reap the reward of a well done painting! Thank you for sharing!!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the kind remarks.

Poach away!