Friday, February 22, 2008

Blue Teapot, Yellow Rivieraware cup & saucer

" Tea Time "
6" x 6"
This arrangement was about the three dark circles of the teapot, lid and tea cup. I was very sceptical while painting it whether it would work but nothing tried nothing gained. I do like the results but then these items have personal meaning to me.
One of my favorite quotes "You can't edit a blank page" Leonard Wolfe


kim shields said...

Love this one Jennifer! I like the playful feel you get from the use of primary colors and of course a tea party. Fun!

Katie May said...

I love your paintings...I have been painting for a couple of months and just finished one a few days ago that I am actually happy with. Not nearly as good as yours but the style is similar (it's on my blog). Your style reminded me so much of what I like to paint...Bright colors, and vintage fabrics...I really like this one. And your others as well!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Katie,
I do enjoy painting the things in my environment that I am familiar with. Nice to know another Fiesta ware collector. I have my great grandmother's set of Riviera ware and various odds and ends of Fiesta.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Love Fiesta ware. I remember when I was very young we rented a cottage and all the dishes were Fiesta ware. Really made an impression on me.
Awesome compositions and you're right, Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Amen.