Thursday, February 7, 2008

" Nectarines "
6" x 6"
I am getting more comfortable with painting drapery. It takes some blending but not much, too much and you take all the life out of the paint.
Carol Marine is an expert at putting the paint down and leaving it alone. I am working at doing more of that. Let the viewer's eye do the blending!
I came across this fabulous artist's work today. I hope you will take a look. Marsha Robinett Her pencil "paintings" are stunning and she has a journal of articles including art marketing information.


Frank Gardner said...

I think you did a great job with the folds in the fabric. I like that color combo of ochre, red/orange and the purple with some underpainting showing through.
Nicely done Jennifer.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

I try to just focus on the colors I am seeing and paint those.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Lucky Mexico. Snow is chest high here in Idaho!

terry said...

Love the color scheme in this one - has a lovely heat to it that you must be missing right now in Idaho. Brr!
Thanks also for the introduction to Marsha Robinett - her still lifes are fantastic.