Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Progress after day 3
As I was setting up this still life I needed to find something to put in the forground to calm all the caos going on, something plain and thought a book might fill the bill. I found this very old art book of Childrens' Portraits from the National Gallery in my art book collection...loved copying Renoir's Girl with the Watering Can.

Today, Day 4
I was hoping to get more done, but phone calls, errands, etc. seemed to seep in and eat up the day. Tomorrow I'll get a very early start, no interruptions.........already I'm thinking I'll need to rethink the background colors. The lemons are molding!

I want to thank Elizabeth Floyd for writing about my art on her blog. Once a week she is highlighting the work of an artist who has influenced her own work in some way.

Through my art blog I have met so many wonderful artists who enjoy sharing their work with others. Thank you one and all!


Susan Carlin said...

Ah. That rectangle is a great foil to all the elipses... VERY nice. I hope we get to see this one up close when it's done.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Susan, I was only thinking of the busyiness of the fabric, the tulips, the fruit in the I see what you mean. Everything would have been "round" without the book and also the two vertical lines on the back wall...round teapot, tea cup, table edge, bowl, is wonderful to get the insight of other artists. Thanks so much.

E. Floyd said...

Thanks for sharing the process of this painting! Yesterday, I was totally drawn in, and today even more so. I especially like the color palette, the roses, violets, magentas, blues, and then the zing of the yellow lemons.

PS. thanks for the link to my blog! It is always a pleasure reading what you have been working on.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

It's beautiful. I'm impressed by how you go from 6x6 inches to a biggie like this one.
I have noticed that the artists who blog are very kind and supportive. It's so rewarding to be able to connect with and receive feedback from so many artists.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Mary. I am used to working large and usually have several going in various stages. I am missing the little 6x6 and will see if I can do a few this weekend. Need to get out doors, too. I'm not a serious landscape painter. I consider Plein Air play time away from my studio.

Judy said...

Jenn, I love this painting and I think the book with Renoir's painting on the cover is absolutely the right addition! Beautiful colors and fun background patterns that are there but that don't take over the painting. I was interested to see (in Carol Marine's blog) that you also do batik! You are a woman of many talents! My little gallery of your paintings always gets rave reviews from guests, but more importantly, they make me smile every single day!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks Judy,
I'm so glad my little paintings are bringing you joy! You sure have a lot of them! But, I'm thinking collecting Daily Paintings is better than a closet full of shoes. Art does bring color and magic to our lives. If just for a moment our attention is diverted from other daily concerns
Much more to be done on this painting today.

Judy said...

Hate to admit it, but I have a closet full of shoes....and I don't bother to wear many of them anymore! My days of dress-up every day for work are over, so most of them are in clear boxes sitting on shelves! The only shoes in my closet that get regular use are athletic shoes and flip-flops! Besides, I doubt that hanging those shoes on the wall would bring the sincere enjoyment that your paintings provide to me and my guests!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Judy, How about using some of your shoes in a still life? There must be a few stories in your closet you can share in a painting?