Sunday, June 8, 2008

"The Girl with the Watering Can"
34" x 34"

Day 5 & 6

More progress, mostly on the fabric adding more detail, softening colors/edges, glazing. Detail of pattern added to Singapore Bird china and I scumbled some grayed green over the background on the left. I'm still not happy with the background colors yet, easy enough to change when the right color hits me. I did lay a sheet of acetate over the painting last night and painted on that to try some different colors. Tomorrow I will work at getting the tea pot and the vase more to a finish. It is at this stage that I want to put it aside and start something new! No no no...I really need to focus and finish this. Hopefully, posting the progression here on my blog will keep me on task.


Terry Rafferty said...

Hi Jennifer - I love watching this painting develop, and the detail photo is great! Thanks for sharing the process with us.

I was recently given the You Make My Day award by another blogger; I'm passing it on to others whose sites make My day. This is just to let you know you are one of my choices; check it out at my blog and pass it on if you choose - and thanks for the lovely comment on the button painting!

Have a Great week!


Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thank you Terry, so much. I feel very honored that my art blog is helpful to you! I guess it doesn't get any better than knowing we do indeed make others feel good through our art. Thanks again!

Susan Carlin said...

This painting is so ambitious and so delicious. Can't wait to see the finish.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Susan,
I am looking forward to finishing this, too, hopefully soon! Thanks for visiting my blog!