Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Self-Portrait with favorite things

Betty's painting completed! I love this. Please click on it so you can see the subtle details in her smaller elements. A terrific self-portrait through still life.
Betty's painting in progress

Betty selected objects that have special meaning for her. Her son's favorite toy, husband's gardening glove, etc. I will try to post her finished painting soon. There is a photo of her, as a teenager, with surfboard off to the left, too.

So far..I will post the finished painting tomorrow night.

Sorry these are in reverse order.

Sketch on gessoed board

Thumb-nail sketch

Self-Portrait Still Life...the set-up

This is what I worked on today. I have had a private student this week in my studio. Betty is the high school art teacher here and she wanted to learn more about still life painting for her advanced students. We thought it would be fun to incorporate meaningfull objects that tell something about the artist. Betty began her self portrait yesterday and with her permission I will post her finished painting tomorrow. Today I set up my own objects. It was fun to go around the house and see what caught my eye. I chose the black and white photo of was taken when I was 42 for art marketing purposes, so it marks that time in my career. I am wearing a "treasure necklace" I made of charms from family and friends. The Beanie Bear was a gift from my son when he was 7. The Talavera pottery vase a gift from my Mom..the little leaded glass box with shells a gift from my husband and the birding book for my love of birdwatching... a little ceramic Pug Dog for our dog Jack..and a few tubes of paint and brushes to round out the composition.


Katie Clapp said...

I love seeing the sketches that lead up to a panting, what fun. Keep it up, and good luck!

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks so much. I am posting the completed painting today.