Saturday, September 19, 2009

Still Life Lemons, William Sonoma dish towel Art Tip #20 Stripes

" Lemons & Blue Stripe Cloth "
Back to my favorite props... lemons and vintage William Sonoma dish towel.
It was a beautiful fall day here, sunny and warm. The leaves are just starting to turn. The fall color is mostly yellow...aspen trees. I have many climbing vines..honeysuckle, Virginia Creeper and Wedding Lace that are beginning to turn. That adds beautiful reds and oranges to our garden. I hope its beautiful where you are.
Art Tip #20: Stripes
When you are using a striped fabric in your still life use the direction of the stripes and fabric folds & bumps to creat movement & drama in the overall composition.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

these are my favorites too! I love it.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Mary, I have found that my favorite patterned fabrics are in old dish towels or designer fabrics. I have a stash of fabric samples. Interior designers have to clear out their samples from time to time and these are a good source.