Saturday, January 16, 2010

Plein Air, Hay Bales, French Easel, Art Tip #22 Brush strokes

" Painting the Barley Fields"
Copyright 2010 J.Bellinger
5"x 7"
Private Collection

The reference for this little painting was a photo I took of my good friend and student, Vickie. The ranch we are on is the same one with the old dairy barn (previous post). It was a very hot day and soon after we had our easels set up the automatic sprinklers came on..while it felt refreshing we scrambled to move our set-ups out of the reach of the sprinklers.

Art Tip 22#: Use the largest brush you can to get the job done. This will help you stay "loose" with your brushstrokes. For tiny paintings, 6x6, 6x8, 5x7 I try to use #6 or #4 bright for the whole painting.

Use all edges, sides, tip, corners of the brush. Put the stroke down and leave it. Try to hold back any blending til the may not need any blending. The action of laying one color over or next to another can result in all the blending needed. Don't forget to get back from your painting..the eye can do the blending. Result: a fresher more painterly feeling.


Gary Keimig said...

Very nicely done.
I have only been in your neck of the woods once coming down from Stanley. Would love to spend a little more time in the area. It is certainly a beautiful place with a lot of painting possibilities. I have an artist friend from there, Debbbie Edgars Sturges.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Thanks, Gary. Debbie is a very good friend and we've been art marketing buddies for too many years to count! I'll be visiting your blog soon! Thanks for stopping in.

bazza said...

A very nice blog Jennifer and a clever way of promoting!. Thanks for the tips. I just started attending a weekly water-colour painting class.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Bazza, Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck with your watercolor class!

Laurie G. Miller said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just found your blog and really like both your paintings and your blog entries...thanks for sharing!


Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Laurie,
Thanks for visiting my blog..I hope to do more posting this month. Don't know what happened to January but it's gone!